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What will be the cost of printing customized t-shirts online?

The major factors influence that the cost of a custom t-shirt printing is:

1.T-shirt Type chosen - Round neck t-shirt, Unisex t-shirt or polo shirt

2.T-shirt Quantity - Number of t-shirts that is being customized

3.Type of t-shirt printing - Screen printing, DTG, embroidery or sublimation print 4.Location of prints on the t-shirt - Front, back or both sides

5. In screen printing, the number of colours in the t-shirt design

6. In DTG printing, the size of the print and the t-shirt colour

7. In embroidery, the size of the t-shirt design to be embroidered and the number of colours in the design

You can find out instantaneously the price for your Custom T-Shirt by

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