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School Uniforms Plain Tshirts Customized Tshirts - Sunfab Clothing

Buying a T-shirt is easy as there are many manufacturers/ whole-sellers in the market offering T-shirts of different types, but finding the RIGHT T-shirt and RIGHT quality and fabric is like finding the needle in the haystack. Most of the people are unaware of the quality of the t-shirt and the price quoted for it.This causes a state of confusion and the buyer is frustrated because he/ she has to visit/ call many manufacturers to get price quotation and the quality they offer at a certain price! At , we like to keep it simple for the buyer to choose according to it’s needs, quality and quantity.…And you don’t believe this. Do you?Well let me explain, Other than plain t-shirts, we also supply printed t-shirts. Many times people require t-shirts to be printed in a certain way for teams, corporate events, college fests and uniforms as well as school uniforms , 📷 📷 If such is the demand, we can get it done 📷 We have a hassle free process, your product is just few clicks away!Our t-shirt range starts at just Rs. 68/ piece and it goes till Rs. 799, so a price range for every pocket! Need photos? Drop a WhatsApp Text on- (+91) 9886216250 Need a sample? Pay the price and it will be shipped at your doorstep!We can do your customization too, whatever you like. Our range of t-shits (Round neck and Polo t-shirts) includes:100% cotton,Bio Wash T-shirts,Cotton Lycra T-shirts,DRI Fit,Polycotton (Blended),Polyester,Combed Cotton , etc, etc. For more info: Sunfab Clothing -Please call us at: (+91) 9886216250.

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